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I can also mess up Michelangelo...
Not content to make a mockery of Bouguereau's refined figurative art, I decided to turn my infernal gaze on Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel decorations. Some friends and I regularly do "hobby evenings": we sit around a table and get drunk, and everyone works on a hobby, whether it be scrapbooking, drawing or just drinking and talking nonsense. This rough copy after one of Michelangelo's figures was the result of one such evening:

Now that I have given up trying to copy anything correctly, or achieving any illusion of realism, I am having far more fun with the whole thing. Alas, it does cut a gruesome swathe through the works of the great masters of old...

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Your notebook

I enjoyed looking through you drawings paintings and photos...Thanks for sharing....Philip from the FDF

It actually isn't that bad a drawing! -Mark Junge

Thanks for the kind comments. Always good for my fragile ego... ;-)

Love The Drawings

Just stumbled on your livejournal site here... You are so hard on yourself. You've got such a great talent that is expressed in these drawings and with your own style infused into them. I'm truly impressed.


Re: Love The Drawings

Thanks for the kind words. Always appreciated!

Brian you do beautiful drawings! Whether they are caricatures which I love or a study of an old Master. I would be proud of these!!! Please don't drawing:-)

P.S. sorry to include my name. Anderson (tj1358) from wetcanvas:-)

Thanks; it's very kind of of you. :-)

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