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Enduring duress due to Dürer
Another of my rather small (about 10cm x 15cm) ballpoint sketches after the Old Masters; this time an engraved portrait by Albrecht Dürer of his friend Willibald Pirckheimer.

Alas, "drawing like Dürer" is something far easier said than done! Still, I suppose one has to try.

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Good! Very good! And: more, more, more!

In other news, I apologise for not inviting you any sooner for a Salon, but I have been sick like a dog. I am still at home recooperating, but hope to be my frivolous champagne-sipping self very very soon!

As always, you are too kind!

We'll get to the Salon in due course. I am at present not really feeling at my best either. It's flu season!

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