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Small copies of great works
In some quiet moments at work, I made time to make sketches after some master artists in a small (about 10cm x 15cm) sketchbook. As usual, I couldn't really do justice to the masters, but I suppose one has to start somewhere. They are all in ballpoint pen, and as I usually do, I lived dangerously by not first making pencil sketches - just went at it with the ballpoint and hoped not to make too many mistakes!

Here's one copied from a character in the Tintin comic book "Flight 714"; a greedy, self-centered industrialist named Laszlo Carreidas, and one of the most hilariously unpleasant characters Hergé ever created:

After a painting by Filippino Lippi (c. 1457 – 1504):

And after an artist I recently discovered, namely the Victorian painter Evelyn Pickering de Morgan (1855 – 1919); I like her somewhat pre-Raphaelite fantasies:


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